Monday, September 1, 2008

Memories & Milestones
All boys exclusive club

So here are the two boys on a hiking trip they took with their dad last summer. I believe it was nearly a 20 mile hiking trip. This was Matthew's first, and Aaron's second hiking trip. The summer before Nathan took Aaron to the Seven Devils which ended up being a 30 mile round trip. Aaron held up great each hike, Matthew with his first hike got tuckered out. Regardless they had a great trip! And look forward to their hiking adventures with their dad each summer.

This was a really steep part of the trail they encountered. Matthew just got pooped out and had to take a rest. Matthew had just turned 3 years old that June and this hiking trip was in July or August, I can't remember exactly. So Matthew did pretty darn good!

Matthew and Aaron walking along the trail. Matthew carrying his Bebe gun. Never too young to learn gun safety. So the boys start out with little Bebe guns.

Here they are just clowning around.

At the end of the very long trail, they were plain just tuckered out. Thanks for sharing some of our Memories & Milestones.

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